Ghostwriting for all departments

As a ghostwriting agency, we supply you exclusively with individually produced scientific papers that are based exactly on your specifications. Our product range is therefore constantly expanding, reflecting the diversity of our customers’ wishes. The focus is still on the classic topics of academic ghostwriters, ie templates for academic examination papers.

Here we cover the entire spectrum, from the short housework or seminar paper to the bachelor thesis or master thesis or diploma thesis to the doctoral thesis. Meanwhile, however, we also see an increased demand for services that used to play only a marginal role in academic ghostwriting. Scientists use our services to turn their research results into a high-quality publication. Legal opinions or research reports for commissions are becoming increasingly important.

For exam and final papers

Assistance in examinations is a controversial aspect of academic ghostwriting. Our offer in this area includes the editing of the work written by our clients as well as the preparation of complete manuscripts. These can serve as a template for your own work and thus make writing this work much easier and faster.

Regarding the legal consequences, which may entail the submission of external work as a separate examination work, refer to the legal elaboration, which we offer you for free download. Our scientists generally provide you with a manuscript that meets all the formal and substantive requirements for high-quality scientific work. By handing over the work to you, we also transfer to you all rights of use and assure you the secrecy of our authorship. The use of these texts is your sole responsibility.

Editing remains the core task of ghostwriting

Scientific work should also have a high linguistic level. In addition to proper spelling and grammar, this also includes a sovereign scientific style. Scientists and students often find it difficult to present their results in a comprehensible and pleasant to read form. Especially in this field, our scientists have extensive knowledge and experience. Not only the readers, but also the reviewers of your work, will appreciate that! For this reason, our authors place as much value on this aspect in academic ghostwriting as on the substantive correctness of the work. We also offer proofreading for your own work.

Ghostwriters create statistical analyzes

Today, statistics are a basic tool in almost all departments. In the social sciences, statistical analysis is as much a part of day-to-day business as it is in economics and science. The interpretation of statistical data is one of the most error-prone scientific activities as soon as it goes beyond the simple calculation of mean values.

The fundamental problem is that there is almost always a computational correlation between two quantities. It is not easy to distinguish random relationships from true statistical effects, so our team of authors has many proven statistics experts. In addition to professional ghostwriting, they also provide statistical analysis with popular programs such as SPSS or R.