Scientific coaching during studies

Scientific coaching by Ghostwriter – The basis for the successful completion of the project

The supervision of scientific work of students and junior scientists is actually one of the standard offers at universities and scientific research institutions. Due to the lack of time and personnel capacities, the intensive, individual consultation during seminar or graduation work often remains a wishful thinking of many graduates. An unnecessarily long delay of work, procrastination or even demolition is a possible consequence.

Coaching by academic ghostwriters can provide a targeted remedy here. Coaching helps to analyze and structure problems in the design, creation and completion of scientific papers, such as the bachelor thesis, diploma thesis, master thesis or dissertation. Our academic experts from the pool authors contribute with their professional competence and experience to improve their degree or dissertation or to facilitate the successful completion of the project.

We are your helpers, your mentors, your ghostwriters.
Our approach to academic coaching is very different from that offered by other agencies.

Our coaches look after you in telephone conferences that accompany not only your author but also our specialist staff. These anonymous meetings serve to capture problems and get to the bottom of the causes. So far so good. But we want to go further, we want to see your progress, review it and give you tangible help. Our coaches analyze your work already done, may prepare an academic preliminary report and at the same time provide you with templates that will show you a possible way.

Questions, outlines and exposés are as much a part of it as whole chapters of your project, which your coach creates for you to view. Other conferences discuss your own progress and our share. We want to do more than just talk on the phone, much more than talking, we want to accompany you. Your success is our concern and success begins with understanding problems.

Efficiency through individual feedback

As soon as you have problems with the completion or doubt the quality of your preparation, the use of a ghostwriter coached by us as a coach makes sense. Our academic experts then work on the basis of your preliminary work on the project in a timely manner, probing the associated research situation and examining the conception and coherence of the argumentation of your work. They can also formulate instructions for improved structuring or linguistic design.

In all of these activities, our academic staff acts as the regular supervisor at your college: as independent mentors, counselors, and initial reviewers of your academic work. Our project-accompanying coaching enables you to solve the problems yourself. Of course, you can also hire our ghostwriters to create a template for your bachelor thesis, diploma thesis, master thesis or dissertation.

Double benefit from experts

Scientific coaching by experienced academic ghostwriters is a form of targeted individual counseling for graduates and junior scientists of all disciplines and is worthwhile in every phase of the work.

Our coaching generally pursues a dual goal. On the one hand, specialist advice – the scientific feedback from our academic experts – can help to noticeably improve the quality and thus the grading of your scientific work. On the other hand, coaching is a psychological aid in work phases, where personal pressure of time and success impede the effective creation of scientific work.

The coaching of our ghostwriters

Through the extensive author pool, we can offer academic coaching to students of all disciplines at universities and colleges, doctoral candidates, scholarship holders and junior researchers. Rely on the expertise of our independent academic experts to increase your chances of getting a good mark on your job, getting rid of tight deadlines, or increasing your confidence in your own skills.

Just tell us your support needs. We are happy to help you to find optimal solutions through professional coaching.